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2007 Mansfield Old Vine Zinfandel

2007 Mansfield Old Vine Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley *Library Allocation

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"Excited to try this wine when it arrives" Jim G

A great man once said “I Zin, therefore I am.” Okay, so that was our wine buyer, but we think he’s pretty great. This Zin offers up the grand flavors of old vine Zin in a deliriously smooth fashion. Baked plums, rich spices, leather, and cedar notes all abound in this bottle from one of our favorite producers of age-worthy and contemplative wine.

Old Vines:
The sage wisdom earned over decades reveals itself in the twisted trunks of ancient Zinfandel vines. Black, twisted vines slowly ripen grapes under the warm sun for which this region gained worldwide recognition. No pomp and circumstance, just the steady and self-assured know-how of masterful wine growers caring for the revered vines.
Slow and steady wins the race
What race, you ask? The slow race. Creating wines built to stand the test of time is no easy feat. With 28 vintages under his belt,  Richard Mansfield brings more than wisdom to his cellar. With his signature combination of science and art, Richard’s Old Vine Zin is at its peak right now. Sure, it took a decade. But this layered beauty was well worth the wait.
Perfect Pairing
Much like Richard and Leslie Mansfield pair winemaking with discerning taste, their wines are beautifully made and meant to be enjoyed with friends, family, and loving prepared feasts. And at over 60% off retail, you can have quite a bit of fun with your next feast!

Buyer Beware: Aged wines, those 7 years and older, are rarified and special. Their youthful flavors are tamed and made more complex by the hands of time. While we carefully tuck our wines away in a temperature controlled warehouse safe from light and sound, each wine and every bottle ages differently. For this reason, our Palate Guarantee does not automatically apply to wines of 7 years in age or older.

Scents of raspberries and blueberries intertwined with briar patch spices. Ripe raspberry and blueberry flavors persist with a hint of creamy oak. The 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel possesses a silky and refined texture with a juicy character and juicy acidity. Integrated tannins smooth the finish. Balanced and delicious with 2007 vintage elegance.

Richard Mansfield, a veteran winemaker with 28 vintages under his belt, walked each row of long-standing vines. These old vines quitely witness the hustle of Dry Creek Valley with calm serenity that only age can give. In European style, he carefully selected only perfectly ripe grapes for his fermentation vats. Carefully shepherding these small lots through fermentation and barrel aging, slowly tasting and blending small amounts of wine to create the perfect expression of this remote site.

Braised, rich meats like ribs, roasts, chicken, and pork are perfect for this wine! Prepare a king’s feast and enjoy the revelry.

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This cellared wine is interesting on the nose, fire roasted black plum and licorice dominate. The age is visible and maintains its brilliance in the glass with a solid rim variation. Dry creek valley zinfandel is often the most age worthy zinfandel region. Slight remnants of black pepper intermingle with the red raspberry compote. Drink Now; fantastic pizza wine. -WB 4/17


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