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2006 X Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

2006 X Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

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Today's Wine Comments:

Despite its algebraic “unknown” symbolism, this X actually marks the spot. The 2006 X Winery Cabernet Sauvignon takes the guess work out of finding stellar Napa Valley Cab at a steal of a price.

Both mountain and valley fruit from Napa, the pinnacle of Cabernet Sauvignon, offers up its juicy secrets in this bottle. X Winery vinifies fruit from each parcel independently and with an eye to the harmony of the final blend.

Juicy notes of rum cherry lift spiced oak notes. Smooth, unctuous tannins and ample acidity frame each sip for a polished finish. X Winery hit their mark with their 2006 Napa Cab, and you’ll love each indulgent and accessible glassful.

Why we love it

Reed Renaudin, founder and head winemaker, is bad at rules. Serendipitously, he’s also talented at wine. Reed lobbed a shot over the bow of the wine world when he delivered on his vision to make premium, otherworldly wines to the drinking public at humble prices.

X Winery uses advanced winemaking techniques, fruit from premier California wine growing regions and advocates small grower sustainability. Sweet social responsibility in each rebellious bottle.

Expresses the fantastic concentration that comes from a very low-yielding mountain vineyard. While the wine's balance reminds you of the Medoc, it has the sun-drenched Napa signature. Muscular and delicate, exotic yet pure, this wine is distinguished by both its density and levity.

What the X?

Summarizing what X Winery does is like trying to explain “Bromance” to a foreigner. Several depictions, a few hand gestures and a ton of blank stares later and in the end, they think you want to date their brother.  Well, only if your brother likes long walks on the beach and doesn’t mind holding hands in public.

Our complexity stems from the fact that we are constantly exploring possibilities more traditional companies never consider. From helping other winemakers make their wines to producing our kick-ass blends, we focused on evolutionary or disruptive strategies that always put the consumers’ taste first.

If you’re matching rebellion, black pepper crusted or bacon wrapped grilled tuna steak will make a savory impression. This lush Napa Cab pairs with fatty cuts beef, grilled pork, and spicy stuffed bell peppers.

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