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2014 Luciano Landi GaviglianoLacrima

2014 Luciano Landi GaviglianoLacrima Di Morro d'Alba DOC, Marche, Italy *DImport

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Direct Import Exclusive | Rare Find from Central Italy

Blend: 100% Lacrima

Earlier this year we released our Founder’s favorite wine in the world. In case you missed out on that 2015 Fav - it sold out quite quickly - here is its bigger brother! The 2014 is a U.S. Exclusive Reserve Selection that our Team is in amore with. Luciano Landi’s unique and highly recognizable style radiates from the bottle with ruby hues, strong mature aromas, and a luscious feel.

This vintage’s unforgettable experience is based on a family’s desire to take one of Italy’s smallest appellations, of near perfect climate btw, and create top wines. They are also one of Lacrima’s biggest advocates and star producers. The ancient varietal was praised by Holy Roman Emperor Federico Barbarossa and today is one of Italy’s unique and absolutely delicious native varietals. Many credit Luciano Landi himself with bringing the varietal to its full potential after it was on the verge of extinction.

Reasons why we love it:

  • 2014 has been described by many as a “bizarre” year in Italy with a mixture of both good and bad fortunes throughout the land. For Marche, we believe more good than bad swept through the region because what we have experienced of the vintage is fantastic! Bright acidity and strong aroma character are just two of the year’s elements we love. Truly a memorable profile.
  • For our Members new to Lacrima di Morro d'Alba wines, it is more than just the grape we are obsessed with, it is the winemaking process used: governo Toscano or Tuscan method. The wine undergoes a second fermentation via the addition of sugar-intensive must pressed from partially dried grapes. The process must be performed by December 31st in the year of harvest according to DOC laws.
  • This 2014 result is a bold, rich and delightfully drinkable vintage with a finish our Tasting Panel is calling an “undeniably beautiful blueberry.” We predict this wine will sell out almost as fast as the 2015 Fav, so don’t miss out on this delectable beauty from one of our favorites, and very exciting, wine regions of the world!

Ruby color, lively and bright. fresh scent, with intense aromas of violets, berries and spices. The flavor is warm and robust, full-bodied wine, pleasant and harmonious

The Azienda Agricola Landi was born in 1964 thanks to the will of Sergio Landi, careful and patient vine- grower who found in the nature of his grounds the perfect habitat for the Lacrima vine- growing, at the time not yet qualified as DOC. In 1990 the management of the farm hands over
to the grandson Luciano Landi who, treasuring family experience, boost the development of the farm changing it in a modern structure. Now there are 11 hectares of specialized vines, of which 9 are red grapes and 2 of white grapes. The technical conception both viticultural and oenological is characterized by the hi ghest increase of grapes quality, always in order to obtain wines giving great emotions.

The unique and inimitable style of our wines originates from its link to a town in the Marche
region: Belvedere Ostrenze, located to the North of Jesi, Ancona province, on hills facing the sea
at 250 meters above sea level. The presence of vines in this area dates back to several thousand
years, and its development has been fostered by long sunlit days alternating with cool ni ght s
and sea breezes, which mitigates the harshness of winter months. This ideal climate combines
with a great vocation and a wide range of different soils, going f rom loose and calcarean soils for red berry vines to medium clayey soils for white vines. For creating our wines we have only
added a single element to these favorable conditions: a passion lasting throughout our forty
years experience, during which we improved our vi ne growing and enological techniques. The
company was founded in the 1950s by Sergio Landi on a 4 ha property used for growing local 
vine varities such as the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico and the Lacrima di Morro
d’Alba, whose quality was already known to Frederick Barbarossa in 1167. Currently, the company is run by his grandson Luciano and covers an area of 20 ha. Divided at 50% between red and white grapes. From traditional vine growing the activity developed with the set up of new plants with 6500 vines/ha with spurred cordon system and with a producti on of about 1kg grapes per vine plant.  

Its characteristics make it a wine that goes well with first courses and main courses of meat, for example braised short ribs or lamb chops. 

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Wine Reviews

The 2014 Lacrima Superiore from Luciano Landi is one of our favorite imports of all time, boasting a nose of floral notes with violet, rose petals, geraniums, and sage.  The fruit comes through on the palate with blackberry and black cherry leading to cedar and floral notes.  Well balanced with silky tannins and a lengthy finish.  This wine is drinking very well, but might benefit from additional time in the bottle.  Drink now through 2020. - DZ Feb 2017

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