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Our Favorite Writers

Writing about wine is not something that most people can do well. Our favorite writers are those that write with so much passion, description, and familiarity, that it feels like we’re tasting the wine as well. If you want to be transformed in the way you are exposed to new wines or even ideas, take a look at any of the pieces done by the talented individuals below.

  • 1. Ray Isle

    Food & Wine Magazine would not be the same without this man. As Executive Wine Editor for the magazine, he not only knows an immense amount about everything from Spanish Txakoli to South African Steen, he rubs elbows with all of the most rad people in the biz. Of course in any given month you can find his suggestions throughout the magazine but we are huge fans of this piece in Time about the emotions that wine can evoke. We got goosebumps reading it!  Read Here
  • 2. Eric Asimov

    New York Times wine and food critic as well as New York Native, Asmiov is an incomparable name in the world of wine. If he so much as mentions you/your wine/ your winery, you’re set. To add to the list, he also gets starstuck when meeting or discussing ‘celebrities’ of the wine world i.e. Jancis Robinson in this piece he did as an interview about her accomplishments. The world needs more Asmiovs!  Read Here
  • 3. Mark Andrew & Drew Keeling

    We call this the 2 for 1 Noble Rot Combo. as these gents are the two editors and founders of the uber cool and youthful magazine coming out of the UK. While Andrew is the Senior Wine Buyer at Roberson Wine in London, Drew Keeling was originally in the music business but continues to break barriers in wine. Most recently, the two began an importing business to connect with smaller vignerons and restaurants to get their names to England. #Bosses
  • 4. Tim Atkin

    It’s as if Tim Atkin has 1,000 hours in his day because we cannot seem to understand how he does it all. He’s based out of the UK and is a wine writer, critic, photographer, journalist, keynote speaker, judge and has his Master of Wine certification. When we grow up, we want to be Tim Atkin!
  • 5. Marissa Ross

    If you’re looking for a good laugh while reading about wine, and want to cut the BS on average tasting notes- look no further than Marissa Ross. Hilariously entertaining, and not to mention an advocate for minimal intervention, small production producers, Marissa tells it like it is. We’re obsessed with how often times she compares wine to a song or piece of art because even if we’ve never tasted it, we know how it will make us feel.
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