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What's the Deal with Canned Wine?

What's the Deal with Canned Wine?
And why am I seeing it everywhere I go. Bars, restaurants, airports, sports stadiums- the list is endless. I believe that the infatuation with the easy-to-carry boozy beverage is half uncomplicated and half trend. Am I saying that I am going to show up with a six-pack to meet my boyfriend’s parents? Absolutely not. Am I planning on taking them on hikes, to the beach, and to my best friend’s annual 4th of July BBQ? Hell yeah!

According to the New York Times, wine in cans accounted for $70 million in the United States in retail sales in the last year. That’s something to talk about. Bye bye rosé and even orange wines, there’s a new trend in town. A trend that relies on portability, no access to glassware and a generation that is becoming increasingly concerned with their impact on the environment. Cans trump bottles with a few advantages: They’re user-friendly, light and can be used where glass is not appropriate. They are kinder to the environment than glass: easier to recycle, lighter to ship and requiring fewer packing materials. Not only less vessels to recycle, but less wine going to waste! Instead of pouring out half-empty bottles at the end of service, many restaurateurs, sommeliers, and bartenders are using cans as single-servings for by-the-glass programs. 

Now I totally get it, some stuffy, old-school peeps are not as excited by the news of drinking from aluminum, saying that it affects the taste of the wine. But a) they’re wrong, there’s a plastic lining between the wine and aluminum so the rumors are false and b) it controls the cost **might be more important for those of you running a bar program** and is more precise. You know exactly what you’re getting, and if you’re geeky like us, you know where and how to get your hands on incredible and intentional canned wine. 

So, if you’re one of those people, whom like myself, isn’t always drinking through the grand crus of Burgundy or the First Growths in Bordeaux, get your hand on some of these delightfully precious canned wines. Here at Cellar Thief we have some of my favorites including: Sans Wine Co, Paper Planes, and Foxie. 

Get your hands on some and let me know what you think! **Best if drank near or next to a large body of water** Cheers!
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