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2016 Gros Ventre Pinot Noir

As an homage to where they met (Gros Ventre River in Jackson Hole) husband and wife duo and co-founders Sarah and Chris Pittenger established Gros Ventre on their passions and ideologies. They focus on stunning and unique expressions of classic grapes throughout Sonoma County. This expressive and nuance 2016 Pinot showcases lavender, dark cherries, and spices that are reminiscent to Old World styles.  


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93 James Suckling
92 Vinous


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir does whatever it wants. It’s one of the more difficult grapes to grow due to its thin skins and susceptibility to disease, but that’s never stopped winemakers across the world. If coming from a cooler climate, like its home land of Burgundy, the acid is racing and balanced, typically, with oak aging. On the contrary, in warmer climates, bright red fruit is the name of the game. All are solid options and we’re continually impressed by new expressions of this world-famous red grape.
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