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2017 Cantina Kurtatsch Kerner

DRINK: 2017 Kurtatsch Kerner

EAT: Fish & Chips

PLAY: “The Good Thing” – Talking Heads

Kerner.  It’s fun to say.  It’s a white grape, but had white and red parents.  Actually a cross between Riesling and Trollinger (Schiava Grosso) that was created in Germany in 1929, and named in honor of a poet who wrote drinking songs.  Due to numerous wars and treaties, Germany and Italy were constantly changing ownership of land in the Northern Alto Adige region, where the grape became approved for commercial production in 1969.  This bright white wine is a perfect summer sipper. No oak, lighter weight with loads of complexity and minerality. Super geeky secret tip: by saying you drink this grape you are instantly cool, with the added bonus of it actually tasting good.

For an ultimate pairing with this wine, look no further than a classic simple fried cod or halibut with a cone of killer salty French fries.  The fruit in this wine is all melon, white fig and lemon with a touch of tartness and a hint of tarragon. Should be amazing with a squeeze of lemon on the fish and a sprinkle of dried parsley.

Not only will drinking this wine make you smile, but this song will make your smile even brighter.  “The Good Thing” was released on the 1978 album “More Songs about Buildings and Food” when the Talking Heads were in their prime.  As a pre-teen budding punk rock kid, I listened to this album over and over because I thought it was so intelligent, sophisticated and inspirational and different than what anyone was doing in music at the time.  It’s the perfect song for this pairing.

- Chris Blanchard, MS


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