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2017 Fouet L'Ardillon Saumur-Champigny

DRINK: 2017 Fouet Saumur

EAT: Baked Goat Cheese Salad

PLAY: “Everything” – Radio Citizen featuring Bakja

The 5th & 6th generation father & son team run this organically farmed domaine located in the small town of Saumur in France’s Loire Valley region.  Saumur is one of my favorite towns in all of the Loire. It’s such a beautiful town, with 15th century buildings and a wonderful courtyard where you can sit and enjoy a tasty glass of Chenin Blanc from the vineyards that surround the town.  This particular wine takes me right to that outdoor café.  All the bright, high acid, snappy yellow fruit flavors, white flower floral notes and a dash of honey and green herbs.  The vines for this 100% Chenin Blanc are roughly 40 years old, and it is always incredible to me, sometimes how much wine you get for such a low price.  Buy this one by the case as not much is made and the price is insane.

I like this with a fresh Bibb lettuce salad topped with a warm baked goat cheese crotin and a simple olive oil, lemon and shallot dressing.  I chose a classic Chevre Chavignol, using milk that actually comes from goats that graze near where this wine was grown. It is such a tasty mouthwatering dish, which only requires baking the round mound of cheese about 10 minutes, and then placing it atop a slice of grilled French bread, on top of a few pieces of Bibb lettuce that has been dressed.  The wine is SO good with this dish, that you will certainly eat it all by yourself and maybe need to open another bottle.

I chose the song “Everything” by Radio Citizen, mainly because it is a straight up cool, jazz influenced street jam with smoky vocals by singer Bakja.  It fits this wine to a T, steely, focused with so much soul and soil influence and just straight up badass. Listen to this and drink this while wearing sunglasses please.

- Chris Blanchard, MS


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Pairs well with



Chenin Blanc

“Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it”. Journey’s song has never been more relevant and we at Cellar Thief have deemed it the official song of Chenin Blanc. Want it crisp and dry? You got it! Need it rich like nectar? You got it! Throw a little secondary fermentation on it and make it a Sparkling? You got it! Essence of yellow apple, pear, quince, chamomile, and honey flood your mouth with each sip.
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