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2018 Brick & Mortar Vin Clair

DRINK: 2018 Brick & Mortar Napa Valley Vin Clair

EAT:  White corn chicken and cheese tamales with Queso

PLAY:  “Old Town Road” - Lil Nas X

Alexis Iaconis, the former sommelier of Barn Diva in Healdsburg and the Meadowood Resort in St Helena, started this project with her winemaking husband Matt.  This Vin Clair is a white wine, and the reason I stress that, is because more than half of it is made from Pinot Noir grown in Yountville! The grapes are pressed and then the white juice is extracted from the red grapes without any time on the skins, where the color normally would come from after a soak.  This Vin Blanc is then blended with about 48% Napa Valley Chardonnay and immediately sent to tank and then bottled. If you were to taste this wine out of black glasses, you might swear you either had a red wine or a rose, as the fruit has an interesting hint of white cherry and raspberry with a nice leesy creamy texture from the Chardonnay.  A bright, delicious, super cool, summer wine that will definitely start conversations at your next party.  

Given the music tempo and dusty road feel, I’m reminded of being in San Antonio eating true classic Texas Queso with a sampler of chicken and pork tamales.  Can’t think of a better match for this wine than Tex-Mex tamales and this song. Might as well be riding in the back of a Ford F250 pick up truck on my way to a dive bar on a hot Saturday night.  

Lil Nas X is a Spotify discovered rapper who uses a Southern drawl on a country crossover song called Old Town Road.  My kids can’t stop singing this song whenever we take a road trip. Just as you would not really expect a rapper to be doing a country themed song, nor would you expect red Pinot Noir grapes to be involved in making this amazing white wine.

- Chris Blanchard, MS


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