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2011 SYLK Bordeaux Blend

2011 SYLK Bordeaux Blend Napa Valley ★ Best-Selling Producer

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Undisclosed Yountville & Stags Leap Vyd Sites

This is one of those labels our Sourcing Team and Members alike get excited over. The newest Napa Valley release from the best selling Alexander Valley Cab producer, it's a daring red blend, ready to be enjoyed now. 

Reasons why we love it
Produced by The Wine Foundry, this blend here greatly benefits from the expertise collected from releasing a myriad of award-winning wines. Well-known for their selection of very impressive vineyard sources, this assembly of Napa Valley sources are no exception. While we have to keep the vineyards a secret - we’re so sorry - we can openly say this red includes Napa grapes of the most intensely focused qualities ensuring a top release.

Our Members have heard us speak of 2011 with a slight hesitation before. It was a challenging vintage for sure with growers having to be on top of their game. Well, we can tell you this winemaking team made it happen! Selecting fruit that was harvested at just the right time to navigate the demanding growing conditions, The Mastiff Red Blend delivers food-friendly elegance we have come to expect from only the top reds of 2011.

From a late vintage challenged by rain close to harvest, this wine shows suprisingly sumbline with  a raspberry-scented nose, and clear green herb, tobbacco and cassis. The structure suggests it will age with grace; making it highly drinkable today. 

Sylk had its beginnings in 2001 when Carl Thorsen, a retired PriceWaterhouseCoopers partner, met Stephen Blum, a Los Angeles real estate developer. Their adjoining Napa Valley properties were ideally located for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, and their mutual love of wine reinforced the decision to plant the vineyard in 2002 and patiently wait until 2006 for the first commercial harvest.

Under the careful cultivation of Javier Renteria, the vineyard developed with a focus on high-quality wine grapes. Each year, most of the fruit was cut from the vines to enhance cane and root structure development. In 2006, the harvest was brought from vine to barrel by our wine makers Bob Pepi and Jeff Booth. Jeff is now our sole wine maker, but he gladly shares decisions and responsibilities with Carl, who was graduated from the UC Davis wine maker program.
Our wives, Lyn Thorsen and Marion Brown, have been amply rewarded for their collaboration and encouragement. Their reward? They now comprise our sales and marketing team and would like you to click here to buy some wine now so you don’t have to read any more of this self-congratulatory text. We are, after all, just some folks who decided to take a shot at making a few cases of very sophisticated and thoroughly delicious wine.

A great bottle for lamb, Red Chile-Chicken Enchiladas,  Leek & Red Wine Soup and smoked duck.

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Are You Ready for Barbecue Season?

I know I am. That's exactly what this wine is meant for. I can see myself grilling a juicy tri-tip, letting it smoke slowly with mesquite chips. That with some grilled asparagus, mushrooms and the Sylk blend, and you've got yourself one hell of an afternoon. 

Raspberry jam & plum on the nose. A full palate with black currant, red cherry, field tobacco and chalky minerality. It finishes mid-length with more juicy berries. My mouth is watering thinking of that smoked tri-tip.

90 Points - JZ February '18

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