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2012 Muscatine Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 Muscatine Cabernet Sauvignon Estate, Soda Canyon, Napa Valley

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A glass of velveteen Cabernet Sauvignon from the east facing slopes of Napa? Yes please.
The 2012 Muscatine Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust, heady wine. It’s dark fruit focus balances the complexities of nuanced French oak and lingering flavors of cocoa. No wonder it shines so beautifully in the glass, the single vineyard field blend is a project devoted to the art of wine.

On the way up and up and up to Atlas Peak, you may miss the turn for Soda Canyon. This little known area along Napa’s western slopes sits neatly between Atlas Peak and Stag’s Leap. We owe thanks to the rocky volcanic soils here for such concentrated fruit.

This field blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvingon and 5% Merlot restores our faith in handcrafted Napa Cab. Each glassful is a proud standard bearer for the Muscatine Vineyard and all its rich glory.

Why we love it:

Take a good look at that label. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

That’s no flower, it’s a sea anemone. Why? Largely because it suited the personality of Len Muscatine and pays homage to his 35-year career as a marine biologist in UCLA. Len Muscantine, founder of the vineyard, was a retired marine biologist. But it speaks to more than Len’s passion for the watery world which surrounds us. The dual relationship that sea anemones have with their environment, dangerous to some yet safe haven for others, spoke to the nature of growing grapes. Vines thrive is marginal environments which are often unsuitable for other plants. Fascinating parallel, no?

Len planted vines in 1999 on this abandoned plot of land. He dug out a cave and started making wine. In 2007, Len’s son Tom took the reins. With 20 years on this land, paying close attention to its relationship with the vines, they’ve learned its secrets, every nuance and needling detail.
The result is fabulous wine. Pure and simple.

Deep ruby with glints of purple. Flavors of bittersweet chocolate and raspberry fruit framed by sweet French oak. Robust cherry flavors, med low acid, soft tannins. This is a focused wine and benefits from decanting.

Leonard and Draselle Muscatine moved to Soda Canyon from Los Angeles in January of 1999. After a distinguished 35-year career as a scientist and professor of marine biology at UCLA, Len was eager to bring together his vast professional knowledge and the family’s love of wine. In 1999 he put in a small vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon and a cave - and soon the family began making wine. With Len's passing in 2007, his son Tom took over the management of the vineyard and the winemaking. At that point, Tom decided to make the wine available for commercial sales and the rest is history.

Beautiful with braised beef short ribs, grilled steak with mushrooms and onions.

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The 2014 release from the Dude is a powerful and well structured wine showing impressive winemaking talent and quality fruit sources.  Black cherry, blackberry, baking spice, tobacco and graphite blend on the dense and complex palate, finishing dry with dusty tannin.  A very well thought out wine that will compete with all the heavy hitters in Napa Valley.  Enjoy now through 2026. - DZ Feb 2017

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