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2012 Pür Petite Sirah

2012 Pür Petite Sirah Everett Ridge Vyd, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma

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Previously Sold Out | 92pt - Amazing Food Wine!

This single vineyard Petite Sirah is all about purity. Dry Creek Valley is hallowed ground for the rich, robust flavors of this singular grape. And in the benchlands rolling around it, no ground is more sacred that Everette Ridge Vineyard. Inky purple with the sort of structure that makes even the most stoic wine lover cry, each glass offers flavors of deep black fruit, baking spice, and leather flavors.

Why we love it:

  • Dry Creek Valley may have a reputation for Zin, but savvy wine geeks know the region has a secret weapon: Petite Sirah. Along the rolling vineyards in this famed wine region, one vineyard stands out. The Everett Ridge Vineyard exemplifies and amplifies what we love about the Dry Creek Valley. The alluvial benchland soils, deep and well drained, concentrates the powerful character of this signature grape.
  • Petite Sirah commands a loyal following along the Golden Coast and across the country. The tiny grapes packed into impressively black clusters originated in France’s Rhone Valley. Introduced by Dr. Durif as the new ‘it’ Rhone grape, in California’s sunny vineyards this robust red flew to new heights with its own moniker taking the front-and-center stage.

Pro-tip: You get a lotta flavor in this bottle of single vineyard Petite Sirah. Dense red and black fruit, lots of spicy aromas, you get the idea. The lift from Petite Sirah’s natural acidity makes this an amazing food wine. Especially when the grill is lit. (Ahem, we’re still waiting for that family BBQ sauce recipe you promised.)

Conveying more red fruit than brooding black and blue, this is a soft and approachable wine.Full-bodied featuring classic elements of blueberry, blackberry and leathery chocolate, its structure and acidity make it food-friendly, ready to accent a black pepper steak or similarly seasoned roast.

The Dry Creek Valley is undoubtedly Sonoma County's most charming AVA with its lush blonde hills covering some of the region's oldest vines; it is terroir speaking through the varietals with compelling and irresistible sensuality.

A bold wine that tends toward higher tannins, it's ideal with beef or Pork Tenderloin. Roasted or grilled
Lamb: the sweetness of lamb matches the spiciness and fruit in the wine.
Tip: Use mint as a further bridge.

More great options: Beef Steaks and Hambrugers; Dry/Strong cheeses; Mexican Food, meat or bean based and somewhat spicy.

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92 Insider Points

Wine Reviews

It's Petite Sirah and It's Pure. 

Petite Sirahs come across my desk less often than you'd think, and it's not every one that I like. The Pür landed and caught my attention, both for its delicious characteristics and its value.

A strong aroma of violet and berries to start, alluring to the senses. On the palate, big juicy blackberries and plum with a bit of tobacco and a rolling finish. Pure, every time. 

92 Points - JZ November '17

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