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2012 Flying Goat Dijon Pinot Noir

2012 Flying Goat Dijon Pinot Noir Rio Vista Vd, Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara

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Today's Wine Comments:

92pts -Prince of Pinot | 180/cs Produced

The magic of single vineyard Pinot Noir lies in its unique ability to express the purity of a single time in a single place. Just picture the Rio Vista vineyard as its neat rows of vines overlooking the Santa Ynez River, the fog rolling in the through the Santa Rita Hills as sunsets each quiet evening through the perfectly sunny summer and fall. It’s a sublime vision. And it makes for an incredible bottle.

No other producer could pinpoint their wine in this way. Only Flying Goat’s Norm Yost can make the claim that single vineyard, single clone Pinot is both approachable AND affordable. Which makes perfect sense, given Norm’s love of the earth and his dedication to bringing excellence to the market in every glass.

Why we love it:

  • Let’s start with the goats. Norm’s pet pygmy goats inspired the label with their joyful antics. Named Never and Epernay, the darling rascals jumping and playing about brought a smile to everyone’s face without fail. Thus, Norm named his oenological effort for them with the understanding that his job was to do the same: deliver a smile and hearty appreciation every harvest.
  • As California’s Central Coast region comes to the global forefront of quality wine regions, the Santa Rita Hills stand apart. Revered for its expressive Pinot Noir, this rugged rolling landscape formed in 1997. It’s windswept mountain vineyards enjoy warm days and chilly nights thanks to their coastal position.
  • “Today, I think it’s safe to say that Sta. Rita Hills stands as one of the greatest places in the New World to grow Pinot Noir…”

           — Steve Heimhoff, Wine Enthusiast

  • The deeply colored Flying Goat Rio Vista Pinot is nuanced thanks to Norm’s use of Dijon Pinot Clone. One of the Wadenswil selections, it offers up red fruit aromas, fresh violets and lavender, and glorious tannin structure in this bottle. Standing on its own, it is what Norm calls the “quintessential femme fatale Pinot”.

This wine offers layers of deep color. The nose has hints of leather, smoke, red currants, black cherries and other dried fruit. Rich full bodied wine, with some earthy undertones. Think dusty, dark fruit, ripe dark cherries, dark cocoa.

In many ways, Flying Goat Cellars is a study in contrasts. A humorous name and a serious lineup of wines. A startup “garagista” mode and 25 years of winemaking experience. A caricature of a leaping goat on a heavy and premium wine bottle. A mission of merriment and a dedicated commitment to professionalism. The result is exactly what owner/winemaker Norman Yost set out to do when he established Flying Goat Cellars in 1999.

Grapes were first crushed for the yet unnamed winery in 2000, and with a year of barrel aging planned, there was plenty of time to arrive at a name. Norm wanted the winery to reflect a sense of fun in conjunction with making and selling a premium wine. “The way that our industry talks about wine is intimidating to many people” he states. “I think that people should simply enjoy the deliciousness that a wine can bring to the table and just have a good time”. With this mission of merriment in mind, pondering a name for the winery, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, he decided to take the path of many vintners and name the winery after his “kids”. The kids, in this case were two pygmy goat pets, who had always inspired him with “their unrestrained spiral loops, flipper turns and straight- legged leaps”. The winery was launched with this same spirit of enthusiasm, and Flying Goat Cellars was born. 

Flying Goat Cellars focus on producing premium Pinot Noir, handcrafted in small quantities that reflect the unique variations of the individual vineyard. As a result, production is extremely limited.

Pair with coq au vin, rosemary lamb, BBQ beef ribs, roasted root vegetables or blueberry pie. 

Wine Ratings

93 Insider Points
92 Points- Prince of Pinot

Wine Reviews

The Hills of Central California Turn Out Really Tasty Pinots.
Flying Goat among them. I usually go for a more earthy style, but dang this is tasty. It's a fun wine with a fun label, a wine that takes me out of my box and shows me a whole other world of Pinot.

Earl grey, cola & berry on the nose. Raspberry & juicy red currant on the palate, with the cola flowing in the background and through the finish. Excellent balance. It is a long finish with more of the berries going even juicier. I think it's time to dive into Paso and the surrounding areas, they are making some stars. 

93 Points - JZ December '17

"This vineyard is located at the eastern gateway to the Sta. Rita Hills AVA and is slightly warmer during the growing season than vineyards further west. Wädenswil 2A clone. Harvest Brix 26.7º. 100% de-stemmed, aged in French oak barrels, 30% new and 70% neutral. · Moderate reddish purple color in the glass. Deeply perfumed with aromas of cherry and rose petal. Very tasty essence of ripe strawberry and cherry with an enhancing spice note. A very comfortable wine with tannins folded in and impressive length of finish featuring generous cherry goodness."- Prince of Pinot

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